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When Digitization Meets Fashion

In response to the pressure for growth and cost efficiency, brands ranging from global discount retailers to exclusive luxury leaders, have started a series of initiatives to transform their processes to implement sustainable innovation in their main products, manufacturing, and supply chain procedures.

From digital sampling all the way to the showrooms, we are offering comprehensive solutions to boost critical steps in the process and help companies fully embrace the fourth industrial revolution. It’s time to take your creation to the next level with Heartdub Experience.


The business impact of these digitally enabled sourcing solutions could be exciting. The majority of CPOs we surveyed aspire to reduce their average lead time by two to eight weeks, helping them achieve the agility needed in a demand-driven market. Most of them are also targeting cost reduction of at least 2.5 percent through digitization alone.

Pioneering companies are already providing a glimpse of this future. For example, companies that have implemented 3-D design and virtual sampling report shortening the sampling process by two weeks or more, and they often see reductions of 50 percent in the number of samples needed and the cost involved. Apart from reducing the time and cost of the design process, this is also reducing the environmental footprint of production.

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