WITH Gausspeed

Gausspeed is a comprehensive AI platform for industrial-grade film production and content creation. With Gausspeed, storytellers can navigate the complexities of film production with ease, using AI to refine their narratives and bring their most ambitious projects to life. Whether you’re crafting a short film or an epic narrative, Gausspeed is your gateway to the future of filmmaking.

Professional Grade Visual Generation

Built to meet the rigorous standards of the film and television industry, Gausspeed facilitates the creation of high-quality visual content that aligns perfectly with professional expectations.

Storyboard and Shot Planning

Gausspeed can generate detailed storyboards based on predefined storylines and script requirements. It goes further to plan and construct the layout of each shot, ensuring a seamless narrative flow.

Precise Pre-Production Planning

Scene generation empowers production teams to make informed decisions about scene settings and shot layouts well in advance, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming revisions.

Redefine the Landscape of Film Production

Gausspeed’s AI pre-visualization transforms narrative concepts into detailed motion sequences, offering a glimpse into the future of storytelling, where visualizing scenes before the actual production becomes as effortless as writing a text prompt.

▪  Prompt

The main shot starts with a closeup of a flower [POI#11], then slowly moves through the forest towards the lakeside, transitioning to a horizon level view. The camera stops at the lakeside [POI#185], capturing orcas swimming in the lake.

▪  File Input


Interactive World Generation

Leveraging Heartdub Materials’s deep understanding of the physical world’s complexities to simulate environments that are rich in detail and brimming with life.

From Concept to Screen: A Complete Storytelling Toolkit

Gausspeed significantly reduces the time and resources needed for pre-vis, allowing for greater creative exploration and iteration. Experiment with different scenarios, camera angles, and action sequences in real-time, and refine your vision with unparalleled flexibility.

Prompt: Create a visual interpretation of the scene described in Li Bai’s poem “Leaving the White Emperor Town at Dawn,” capturing the ethereal beauty of dawn, a solitary boat’s journey, and the echoing calls of monkeys along the riverbanks.

Prompt: Film a story in a bustling origami town, starting with an establishing shot employing a shallow depth of field to capture the hustle and bustle of the city streets from above. Quickly transition to an eye level shot of a busy intersection, featuring pedestrians crossing at a crosswalk and vehicles yielding, including a passerby waving and saying hi to the camera. Return to the initial shot to document the city’s transition from dawn to dusk, highlighting the changing light and shadows over time, and the glow of streetlights at night.

Detailed Control Over Production Aspects

Experience the freedom to direct and control every element of your story, from camera angles to scene transitions, all through Gausspeed interface.

Seamless Compatibility With DCC Tools

Gausspeed’s compatibility extends the creative boundaries, enabling artists to import and export assets effortlessly, maintain consistency across workflows, and leverage the collective strengths of the industry’s leading software.

Powering 3D Interoperability With NVIDIA Omniverse

Gausspeed harnesses the full potential of Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and NVIDIA Omniverse to offer an unparalleled environment for filmmakers, animators, and VFX artists. Built on the robust OpenUSD framework, Gausspeed ensures flawless interoperability and flexibility, enabling creatives to construct, navigate, and manipulate complex scenes with unprecedented ease and precision.

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