Introducing “Rong”: Representing the Spirit of Diversity and Advancement in the Fashion Industry

Heartdub and Eversun Holding proudly present “Rong,” a trailblazing digital human that represents a historic milestone in the apparel manufacturing industry. “Rong” is not merely a creation of technology; it’s a symbol of inclusiveness and innovation, embodying the very essence of a brighter and more optimistic future. Rooted in the values of harmony and progress, this remarkable digital human serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating the immense potential for growth and positive transformation within the apparel industry. With “Rong,” Heartdub and Eversun Holding have pioneered a new era of possibilities, demonstrating their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable, and inspiring the entire industry to embrace change, diversity, and progress.

The creation process of “Rong” was a labor of love that spanned six months, showcasing the dedication and meticulous planning that went into every step of its development, from its initial concept to the final client approval. Heartdub, in close collaboration with the Eversun team, meticulously crafted the character’s digital persona, modeling, dynamic clothing simulation, special effects, and video editing, resulting in a hyper-realistic digital IP that not only impeccably portrayed the character but also provided comprehensive support for post-production and overall project execution. This successful partnership not only strengthened the collaborative capabilities of both Heartdub and Eversun but also laid a solid foundation for new business models and the application of cutting-edge technologies, setting a benchmark for digital transformation within the industry. Heartdub’s achievement with “Rong” represents a significant milestone, expanding their project portfolio and propelling their technical expertise to new heights, ultimately offering a transformative experience for the company and the industry at large.

In the dynamic landscape of the rapidly growing digital economy and the swift transformation of the textile manufacturing industry towards digitization, several key factors are converging to unleash a powerful wave of energy in the fashion sector. Policies, capital investments, application value, and advanced technology are all propelling the rise of digital humans within this industry. The introduction of “Rong” represents a groundbreaking milestone as it extends the reach of digital humans beyond the realm of B2C brands, venturing into the domain of B2B manufacturing. This expansion broadens the horizons for the application of digital humans, presenting fresh opportunities for the manufacturing sector.

Eversun Holding, seizing this momentum, is strategically utilizing the fabric competition platform and harnessing the power of online marketing to promote its proprietary digital human. This approach not only refines their B2B2C business innovation strategy but also sets a pioneering example of digital transformation for the industry. Eversun’s commitment to passing on the digital DNA to brands downstream has garnered them a well-deserved place in the illustrious “Cosmic Universe” show, symbolizing their exceptional contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of digital fashion.

Heartdub’s unwavering dedication lies in advancing a visionary technology that empowers businesses to optimize their processes, ultimately propelling the fashion industry toward a future that is sustainable, tech-driven, and inherently stylish. Its enduring commitment to this mission reflects its understanding of the transformative potential that cutting-edge technology holds in the fashion world. By facilitating operational efficiencies, Heartdub paves the way for a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to fashion, aligning perfectly with the industry’s growing need for innovation and environmental responsibility. In essence, Heartdub stands as a beacon of progress, working tirelessly to usher in a new era where fashion seamlessly blends with technology, promising a future that is not only fashion-forward but also sustainable and technologically advanced.