In a monumental leap forward for digital entertainment production, Heartdub, a pioneer in AI innovation, has unveiled Gausspeed, its latest creation in 3D generative AI. Developed over nearly two years in collaboration with Global Mofy and partners in the film and television industry, Gausspeed is set to redefine the ecosystem for visual content creators, offering end-to-end AI services from concept to video generation. Simplifies the complex production process by enabling creators to define and produce videos through text, significantly reducing the time and resources required for pre-visualization and content generation.

Gausspeed is designed to meet industrial-grade cinematic production standards, allowing creators to easily craft visual concepts using text prompts and 3D assets. Enable user to generate storyboard scripts with a single click, plan, and layout shots streamlines the creative and planning processes, significantly boosting production efficiency and ensuring the coherence and quality of narrative storytelling.

With its advanced scene generation capabilities, directors and creators can now preview prototype designs early in the process, allowing for precise planning and adjustments. This ensures that every scene and shot closely aligns with the creator’s vision, fostering a new work paradigm that liberates creators to explore and innovate freely while reducing technical barriers and production complexities.

Built upon the OpenUSD standard, Gausspeed champions interoperability and interactive freedom across production environments while striving to advance and unify technical standards for content creation. This effort is aimed at reducing unnecessary consumption during the creation process. Gausspeed is designed to integrate deeply with NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud API, bringing a highly collaborative creative space to the creator ecosystem.

Heartdub’s commitment to innovation extends beyond Gausspeed. The company, renowned for its high-fidelity physics engine and leadership in digital materials, has been at the forefront of real-time physics simulation since its inception in 2014. With its cloud-native 3D content creation and compute platform, powered by a leading digital materials model with over 90 billion parameters, Heartdub lays a solid foundation for the innovative development of digital products.

Heartdub’s digital materials model has made significant impacts across industries, particularly in fashion, where it has revolutionized the sector, driving innovation and development in textiles, fashion, and gaming. Embracing ESG principles, Heartdub was honored with the United Nations “Race to Zero” award in 2021, underscoring its contributions to global sustainable development and its leadership in digital materials.

As the world demands higher ESG responsibility amidst the explosive growth of AI, Heartdub continues to optimize traditional workflows in the digital entertainment industry through technological innovation. By promoting industry innovation and development and advancing the goals of energy saving and emission reduction, Heartdub is not just creating the future of digital content creation but is also leading the way towards a more sustainable and creative digital world.