Heartdub Awarded Creator Title by NVIDIA at GTC 2022, Spearheading the Transformation of the Fashion Industry

In the sprawling expanse of digital innovation, the NVIDIA GTC conference shines as a beacon, heralding the convergence of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence, computer graphics, machine learning, and autonomous systems. Often dubbed the “Academy Awards of AI,” this illustrious event gathers over 1,400 experts worldwide, from industry giants like Microsoft, Zoom, Deloitte, Sony, and Epic Games. As these titans delve into the latest in virtual reality, digital currency, and the metaverse, NVIDIA GTC stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, propelling us into a future bound by the limitless potential of technology.

Among the glittering array of innovations and disruptors, Heartdub emerges as a pioneering force, weaving the future of the fashion industry with threads of AI and sustainability. Based in Seattle, Heartdub has etched its name in the annals of fashion innovation, leveraging a GPU-driven AI computing service to revolutionize the traditional supply chain. Their technology offers immersive experiences like virtual try-on and real-time interactive features, pushing the boundaries of material virtualization.

Heartdub’s invitation to the NVIDIA GTC conference as a creator cements its distinguished status and innovative prowess in the tech industry. As an NVIDIA Inception Premier Member, Heartdub is not just a participant but a celebrated innovator, showcasing its celestial cloud-based offerings that empower fashion designers worldwide. With real-time visualization and interaction now at their fingertips, designers can present and refine prototypes with unprecedented ease, heralding a new era of design and creativity.

  • Heartdub: “I am a creator, transforming the very fabric of our everyday lives”
    (at 02:06)

Heartdub Physics Engine and Digital Materials Datacenter stand as the twin pillars supporting this revolutionary platform. Achieving a staggering 95% accuracy in real-time simulation, Heartdub’s engineering team has unlocked a new realm of possibilities in fashion design and sustainability. Their vast repository, housing over 80 sets of physical properties for each fabric, ensures a hyper-realistic simulation and unparalleled customization options.

At the heart of Heartdub’s mission lies a profound dedication to sustainability. By reducing the colossal waste of garments destined for landfills and cutting down the carbon footprint associated with transportation emissions from online shopping returns, Heartdub not only redefines fashion design but also champions an eco-conscious approach. Customers revel in the luxury of trying on bespoke ensembles tailored to their unique measurements, while designers benefit from the agility to adapt designs swiftly, mitigating waste and enhancing sustainability.

Heartdub’s recognition as a “Creator” at the 2022 NVIDIA GTC conference is a testament to its relentless pursuit of innovation and its significant contributions to the sustainable fashion industry. By harnessing the power of AI, Heartdub is not just transforming fashion; it is reimagining the industry’s future where sustainability and technology converge, offering a glimpse into a more responsible and innovative tomorrow. As we look forward to the advancements and collaborations that will arise from this synergy, Heartdub’s journey reminds us of the transformative power of AI in making the world a better, more sustainable place.