Dynamics Engine

Real-time visualization, interaction and immersion


Heartdub Dynamics Engine or HDE is a scalable multi-platform high-fidelity physics solution specifically designed for real-time interactive apparel design. HDE provides a unified interface and a set of common tools, so designers can just focus on sketching without reinventing the wheel.

HDE’s flexible node-oriented architecture and command-line console, allowing features like lighting and re-lighting, node-based shader authoring, IPR, and ability to handle numerous leading application assets with the procedural controls available for editing in the host program including Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Blender, Cinema 4D, and many more. Material visualization is also fully integrated into the main engine codeline, further enables the capability of delivering high graphical believable, lifelike visualization in real-time.

A modern engine today has to unite the most scalable, technically advanced features, we are bringing ray tracing and net rendering in the next major release to move one step closer to being indistinguishable to reality.