Heartdub Show

Create at the speed of imagination


Heartdub Show brings together fashion and technology and open innovation for increased agility and continuity. Effortlessly virtualize fabrics and apparels in stunning reality using AI accelerated simulation in Heartdub Show.

Introducing the unique way to push and broadcast the most realistic experiences to your customers and social platforms with minimal overhead. Heartdub Show takes the hassle out of fashion showcase by digitizing your runway show and bring your exhibitions online with high graphical, life-like virtualization in real-time, allowing audiences to receive and interact with your samples, from wherever your showcase is today.

The visual effect is created using Heartdub Show’s animation features and then animated by using integrated digital avatars and Heartdub Materials. This digital material system offers a set of effects and physical behavior of textiles that can be applied to the garments worn on a 3D human model so that they will animate in the Show. The DXF and other CAD pattern files can also be added through the use of Heartdub Show.

Heartdub Show lets you work more easily and collaboratively with the supply chain across the globe. It gives you the flexibility to increases workflow speeds and to distribute your creations anywhere in a hybrid environment at scale with comprehensive Intellectual Property protection. Shortening the sampling process and reduce the number of samples needed and the cost involved.

Heartdub uses deep learning to analyze and forecast trends. Together with integrated digital material system, Heartdub Show lets you craft and enhance your work more effectively than ever.

Heartdub Show is a scalable multi-platform solution specifically designed for real-time interactive showcase. Heartdub Show provides a unified interface and a set of common tools, so designers can just focus on sketching without reinventing the wheel.


Heartdub Show Has All the Essential Elements in One Place

This highly advanced, software-defined platform for sustainable fashion delivers nearly 10X the efficiency of traditional methods. It is powered by Heartdub Materials and is designed to handle a nearly infinite range of design scenarios.

Through a convergence of technology leaps, Heartdub provides an industry-leading virtualization tool, delivering groundbreaking solutions and results to reduce gas emissions, minimize water usage and energy intensity, and strive for zero waste for the industry. Infused with AI, Heartdub enables users to maximize the value of their advantages, unearth insights, and respond in real-time to customer demand.

Now it’s time to take your creation to the next level. Unified interface and a set of common tools and templates are forged into inspired systems that take you wherever your creative energy flows.