Heartdub Materials

Real-time visualization, interaction and immersion

Built to Advance Sustainability

Precision work demands precision source. Material is a crucial element in digital creative work. Heartdub Materials, a high-fidelity digital material system that holds a large set of laboratory-grade textiles data and physical properties of materials, allowing digitized material to behave as it would in the real world. Unlock rapid prototyping and pro-level quality virtual sampling in the design phase. Empowering creators to innovate at an unprecedented rate of creativity.


Rapid prototyping in the design phase has raised concerns in the industry. For the use in the textile industry, physical behaviors of fabrics must be accurately obtained in order to achieve physically-based modeling results. We are introducing a digital material system that outshines traditional techniques where certain materials cannot be simulated effectively and consistently.

Heartdub Materials is the world’s first commercially available virtual material system, integrating the high-performance Heartdub physics engine. This lets manufacturers bring precious textiles, as well as sophisticated techniques and virtualization capabilities, to designers, brands, and customers.

Heartdub works closely with manufacturers to boost fabric and material coverage and ensure that users always have the latest release. By implementing this structuralized data module and assigning a given fabric or portion of the material to designated software, end-user can accurately replicate a variety of complicated garments in real-time.

This Heartdub material system is built to predict and forecast; finally, results are interpreted. Go from fabric structure to fiber-level. Discover new ways to create with Heartdub Materials.

Heartdub Materials’ flexible node-oriented architecture and command-line console, allowing advanced features like lighting and re-lighting, node-based shader authoring, IPR, and ability to handle numerous leading application assets with the procedural controls available for editing in the host program including Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Blender, Cinema 4D, and many more. Material visualization is also fully integrated into the main engine codeline, further enables the capability of delivering high graphical believable, lifelike virtualization in real-time.

Heartdub Materials is produced in several versions targeted towards different end-users and computing environments. The original desktop version, available for PCs running the Windows and macOS. We also maintain mobile apps for Android and iOS. Heartdub Materials Lite is a version of the software that runs within a web browser which will be released in 2021. We are bringing ray tracing and net rendering in the next major release to move one step closer to being indistinguishable to reality.